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The Kinsmen of Lac La Biche

Present the 13th Annual Mini Heritage Hockey Classic

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019.

This On-The-Pond Hockey Tournament is the first of its kind in Canada for Kids.

Each year the Kinsmen design, build and maintain eight pro-rated rinks for kids aged five to twelve years old to play the game of hockey for the pure fun of it. These rinks are without boards, without blue lines and have only a goal net at each end.

The children that have participated over the years in this one-day event have come away with life long memories and have made lasting friends. The parents and other fans have sent us personal thank you letters on behalf of their children. It is without a doubt, a great winter day for all those in attendance.

Following are a few of the tournament rules we adhere to, for the betterment of all:

 Games will be three, 20-Minute straight time periods with a 5 minute warm-up.

 Ice cleaning will commence after each game.

 If game score is within two goals, the last 3 minutes will be played at stop time. If the game is tied after 3 periods, a five-player shootout will determine the winner.

 Face offs only after goals are scored and penalties. Players must change on the fly. Absolutely NO body contact will be tolerated. Penalties will be issued and any player who receives 2 body contact penalties will be ejected from the game, no exceptions.

 No offside or icing will be called.

 Our Three (3) Goal Rule: No player shall have more than three goals recorded on the game sheet per game.

 If the puck is accidentally shot out of bounds, the opposing team will be given 10 feet to move the puck. The player closest to the out-of-bounds puck may pass, shoot or skate with the puck. The referee will decide which player this applies to.

 Further, Alberta Hockey rules will be followed for all minor and major penalties.

 A serious note for all parents and fans: NO ABUSE of Officials will be tolerated. An automatic and immediate ejection of said player, fan or parent will ensue. Members of the Tournament Committee will be monitoring ALL games.

 The Tournament Committee reserve the right to add or delete any rules as needed. Team officials will be informed of any changes.

Cost for registering your team is $350.00.  Please use the ONLINE REGISTRATION form to register (SEE LINK BELOW)

For additional information and / or a Registration form visit our website at:  www.laclabichekinsmen.ca

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Click on the picture to see pictures from previous years.

or go to the following site: https://sites.google.com/site/kinsmenonthepondhockey/

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